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176.000.000 people, nearly 3% of the world population, have intellectual disabilities. 60% have slight mental retardation, 30% moderate retardation and 10% severe intellectual disability. One of the most widespread chromosomal disorders is the Down syndrome, whose incidence is estimated at 1 per 600 births. However, if properly supported, these people are able to live fully and exploit their psychophysical potentialities. These is one of the most deeply rooted beliefs of our League and of Special Olympics as well. F.S.S.S. is highly committed to making our children, brothers and sisters laugh like any other human being. We willingly work and ask for support to make our unlucky friends laugh and enjoy life. We strive to awaken public opinion to this social and medical concern.
San Marino Special Sports League was established in 1983 and legitimated by CONS on September 27, 1984.
His Founder and first Chairman Giovanni Vito Marcucci had already developed considerable expertise abroad in the field of intellectual disability. He was succeeded by Giuseppina Tamganini, Maria Rita Moarganti, Giovanni Ragini and Filiberto Felici, the current chairman.

The league has organized local competitions and important international events since 1984 under the supervision of  "Special Olympics" international association, which was founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 1968.

The Federation is not only taking care of mental disabled: since 2004 has welcomed a new Club called “Attiva-Mente” that was organizing the physical disabled who wished to practice sport. From this first group starter the constitution of the San Marino Paralympic Committee that the Federation has supported and affiliated with great enthusiasm. The athletes perform successfully several disciplines as hand-bike marathon, sailing, winter sport, a.s.o.

The athletes of the League play different sports activities, such as athletics, bocce, bowling, football, artistic gymnastics, swimming and winter sports, and perform well under the supervision of skilled trainers and volunteers.

F.S.S.S. is a non-profit association which is highly committed to pursuing social aims, since athletes do not compete for their glory and country only, but for their integration too.

The competitions entered by our members are important sporting events which give them the possibility to express personal feelings and emotions.
This contributes to enrich the personality of every single athlete and to foster their need for integration, and persuades both families and volunteers to cooperate in order to achieve better results.

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