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The Technical Area is in charge of managing practice sessions, rules and regulations and educational activities; it is aimed at achieving good results through the organization of targeted technical refresher courses.

The rules that govern the sports activities belonging to Special Olympics Programme have been adapted to the special requirements of people with intellectual disabilities. Sports activities give them the possibility to achieve good physical, psychological and cognitive results.

Article 1 of Special Olympics International Regulation lists its fundamental principles:

• practice sessions must be supervised by qualified Special Olympics trainers who shall be able to boost the athletes’ real abilities and give value to their performance. At the same time, trainers shall work to make athletes’ become independent and organize their life and sports activity (practice sessions and competitions);
  • every performance should be perceived as a personal success regardless of placing. Every athlete wins a medal; competitions can be entered by people of any age (from 8 years) and ability level. Regulations have been adapted to allow for the participation of a larger number of athletes;
• every athlete shall compete against people with the same abilities.

We believe sports activities carried out according to these principles are the most effective way of stimulating personal growth, self-sufficiency and social integration. Numerous regional meetings, games and tournaments and even National Games are organized for any single activity. In Italy, the technical management of the National Games is carried out by qualified specialists who work all year round to organize fair and safe competitions. The organization of the national events is carried out by a targeted Organizational Committee which is in charge of operating all logistical aspects while meeting athletes’ requirements. We can rely on qualified technical experts who coordinate national events pursuant to the regulations set by Special Olympics International, although making the necessary changes to adapt them to Italy and San Marino.
Special Olympics International programme includes plenty of sports activities. In San Marino too the number of offered sports activities is increasing. Below are the regulations of the official activities performed in Italy and San Marino.

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