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Families play an essential role for the development of Special Olympics: parents, sisters, brothers and all those who live in close touch with Special Athletes can help them take up an important process of personal growth.
The acquisition of Personal Skills and Self-Sufficiency, together with the development of a greater extent of social integration, play a fundamental role in our athletes’ process of growth. Self-Sufficiency, Personal Skills and Integration are pursued thanks to the support of family members and qualified experts.
Families can provide precious information, thus laying the basis for a proactive cooperation aimed at making Athletes happier. We can rely on a thick network of families who provide support and give detailed information on common concerns. They operate a remarkably wide array of activities and develop ambitious projects. We strive to spread our ideas and are determined to achieve good results.
Join us: the personal vicissitudes experienced by family members are strong and concrete and their sensitivity helps them achieve extraordinary results in the process of integration of Special Athletes. The Family Area arranges dedicated meeting places where families can meet each other, plan activities, debates and congresses and organize special Family Campuses gathering parents from all over Italy. We strive to let people with intellectual disabilities share feelings and emotions and develop concrete plans for their future.

  In short:
The Family Programme offers families the possibility to:
• Share positive experiences with other families.
• Deepen their knowledge of  Special Olympics.
• Provide and offer accommodation during competitions.

Family Programme Goals:
• Proactively involve families.
• Increase the number of athletes, technicians and volunteers.
• Coordinate support initiatives (fund raisings, parties and so on)
• Encourage communication and debate on specific issues.
• Illustrate the activities of  Special Olympics Association.

Why families are important:
• Their experience is concrete.
• They are highly determined.
• They posses greater sensitivity

What families can do:
• Coordinate groups on the occasion of competitions and transfers;
• Accompany athletes;
• Organize parties and banquets;
• Raise funds;
• Recruit new volunteers;
• Involve further families; 

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