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Volunteers willingly offer their help and support in order to improve the standards of living of unlucky individuals who often feel left out.
Special Olympics volunteers are committed to fostering the personal growth, self-sufficiency and full integration of people with intellectual disabilities. Athletes’ friends and relatives, as well as students, scouts, sports associations and pensioners know people with intellectual disabilities are resourceful, and proactively support our initiatives. Special Olympics is also supported by several companies, whose employees are interested in doing voluntary work. We welcome every contribution and highly appreciate the competences skilled volunteers provide in order to contribute to the success of any single event.
  They can get involved in the executive or logistics sector, the coordination of sports activities or the management of ancillary branches. During Special Olympics events volunteers accompany athletes to the sporting ground and are always available to encourage them and share important moments with them. Our volunteers give us the possibility to realize our athletes’ dreams….join us! Apart from their personal commitment, volunteers can also provide Special Olympics free donations or launch fund-raising campaigns.

"A dream is only a dream…but if many people dream together they can inaugurate a new reality"

Motto of Special Olympics volunteers

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